Their World of Confusion

Today’s children and teens are growing up in a world marked by a confusing mix of ever-changing challenges, choices, pressures, and expectations. These realities make it increasingly difficult for them to know what to believe and how to live in the world as faithful followers of Jesus Christ. How will they know right from wrong? How can they discern truth from lies? It is in this place of cultural confusion that the Gospel meets them, communicating what it means to respond with grateful obedience as wise and discerning disciples to the saving grace God shows through His son, Jesus Christ.

Our Calling and Privilege

As youth ministry leaders, our high calling and privilege is to walk with middle and high school students as  we communicate God’s Word, nurturing them into living Godly lives marked by biblically-shaped wisdom and discernment. Our presence and voice play a powerful role in students’ lives, offering guidance and direction that leads them into living all of life to God’s glory as they learn and practice skills and standards of wisdom and discernment. Together, we desire to hear our students echo this prayer from the Psalmist: “Teach me your way, O Lord, that I may walk in your truth.”

Equipped, Connected, and Encouraged

Whether you are a rookie youth worker, seasoned veteran, paid, or volunteer, we invite you and your team to be equipped for ministry, connected in community with your peers, and encouraged in your personal life at the 2024 Northeast Youth Ministry Summit. This four-day ministry training event will be held at the Ligonier Camp and Conference Center, nestled in the beautiful Laurel Highlands of southwestern Pennsylvania. 

The Summit is co-sponsored by the Center for Parent/Youth Understanding and Reformed Youth Ministries (with over 80 years of combined experience offering practical, relevant, and Gospel-centered youth worker training)